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Dunapack Packaging, Germany, Austria

Fundraiser 2023

Dunapack Packaging, Hungary

A stronghold of the Hungarian paper industry celebrates 100-year anniversary

Paper factory in Csepel has been operating since 1923 – today one of the most sustainable packaging material plants operates here, producing "smart…

Establishment of the European Communication Group of Employee Representatives

The Prinzhorn Group values a family management culture and emphasizes the importance of communication with its employees. Good communication is…
Hamburger Containerboard, Austria

Hamburger Containerboard is Austria's Leading Company in Lower Austria

Hamburger wins first place for large companies in Lower Austria thanks to e-commerce boom and prioritization of site protection

Ongoing support for Türkiye

We as Prinzhorn Group are still concerned about the earthquake disaster in Türkiye.
Hamburger Recycling, Hamburger Containerboard, Dunapack Packaging, Jobs

Prinzhorn Group announces major investments in Western Europe in line with its longterm strategy of "growing value"

Prinzhorn Group has announced major investments in Western Europe for Hamburger Containerboard, Hamburger Recycling and Dunapack Packaging, the three…

New big investment in Plovdiv – Masterline 6 colors HD with 2.1 Mastercut

Since June 2023, a new converting packaging line at Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv plant has been running.

Ongoing support for our colleagues in Ukraine

Prinzhorn Group still remains deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

Stay strong Türkiye!

We, as Prinzhorn Group are deeply concerned about the earthquake disaster that shook Türkiye.