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Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging

World Star Award for Dunapack Packaging

2 awards for our innovative and sustainable solutions
Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging

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Prinzhorn Group

Support for our colleagues in Ukraine

Dunapack Packaging and Prinzhorn Group remain deeply concerned about the developments in Ukraine.
Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging, Bulgaria

Donation for Red Cross Plovdiv

Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv donated 300 corrugated boxes to Red Cross organization
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Dunapack Packaging

Situation in Ukraine – Letter to Business Partners

Dear business partners, Herewith we would like to proactively inform you about the influence, the current military conflict between Russia and…
Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging, Bulgaria

Dunapack Packaging supports Marathon EPR Group SA in teaching pupils about selective waste collection

The Marathon of Recycling is a project started in 2020 by Marathon EPR Group SA and the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. As part of this…
Hamburger Recycling, Serbia

Change of brand- and legal entity name - Hamburger Recycling Serbia d.o.o.

After 24 years of dedicated and successful work, our Serbian company “Tehnopapir d.o.o.” has been renamed to “Hamburger Recycling Serbia d.o.o.” as of…
Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging, Bulgaria

Prize from the National Competition “Prize Pack 2021”

Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv won an award from the National Competition for the best packaging Prize Pack 2021
Prinzhorn Holding, Dunapack Packaging, Bulgaria

Joint actions to solve the problem with the labor force

Joint actions of the social partners for adapting the working environment to the specific ageing needs of different generations with the aim to…