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Our Purpose

Our Purpose is «We live circularity».

It is embedded in our DNA and a natural expression of what we have been doing all along via our business model.

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Ongoing support for Türkiye

We as Prinzhorn Group are still concerned about the earthquake disaster in Türkiye.

We have been following the needs and continued our support by donating to various container city projects, house construction projects as well as food card initiatives. We hope we could bring some relief to the earthquake victims by supporting their efforts on returning to normal life.

We are Prinzhorn


Dunapack Packaging delivers innovative packaging solutions made of corrugated packaging. All our products are 100% recyclable and meet our clients’ highest packaging requirements.

Dunapack Packaging

Hamburger Containerboard

Hamburger Containerboard produces high quality containerboard and plasterboard from recovered paper for recycling. Innovative and ecological processes are key in our corporate strategy.

Hamburger Containerboard


Hamburger Recycling Group collects and trades secondary raw materials for international paper and recycling industry. We invest in the best service you can get – for a better environment.

Hamburger Recycling

Prinzhorn Group
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Founded in 1853, we are still a family owned group with 10,000 employees in 15 countries, and a European market leader in the packaging, paper, and recycling industry. With an annual turnover of 2.9 billion Euro, our group ranks among the top 5 in Europe. 

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Prinzhorn Group


We take care of our people, live a spirit of trust and empower our teams.


With passion, pride and fun, we develop valuable solutions and create success.


We act sustainably for a brighter future of the society and the environment.

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