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New big investment in Plovdiv – Masterline 6 colors HD with 2.1 Mastercut

Since June 2023, a new converting packaging line at Dunapack Packaging Plovdiv plant has been running.

The Company successfully accomplished a state-of-art investment Bobst Masterline 6 colors HD with 2.1 Mastercut, worth of ca. 15 mBGN. High quality flexo printing, MASTERFLEX-HD with all 2,100 x 1,300 mm format presses. With advanced control technology and ultra-precise, automatic adjustment, it offers a flexographic alternative to offset printing when manufacturing high added-value packaging in up to six colors.

  • Highest definition graphics packaging
  • Outstanding sheet transport and superb inking control
  • System for monitoring and detecting the exact position of the print and automatic adjustment
  • Automatic in-house quality inspection and rejection of the non-conforming production
  • Fast set-up and change of the format and assignment of the individual packaging

By introducing this machine in the portfolio, the continuous strive for creating value to the supply chain, will be even more strengthened. Every customer where high-graphics and security features are required in the packaging solutions for food, nonfood and agricultural sectors, will benefit in this cooperation. Dunapack team is known for their passion and devotion and with the capabilities of the new machine, any packaging idea will be realized.