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Grand Opening of Hungarian Greenfield

A major development for the industry: one of the most modern corrugated packaging factories in Central Europe starts operation in Hungary in September

Packaging manufacturer Dunapack Packaging started the trial run of its new plant in mid-September following an investment of almost HUF 24 billion.

Dunapack Ltd. has been the market leader in the production of corrugated packaging materials in Hungary for decades. The Company is a prominent member of the Austria-based Prinzhorn Group, a significant player on the European level as well. Production is currently taking place at three sites in Hungary. Two years ago, Dunapack decided to build the Group's most state-of-the-art corrugated packaging plant, considering sustainability as the key element of future business development. Production in the Dunavarsány plant is due to start in mid-September 2022 and gradually ramp up, creating more than 100 jobs with recruitment already ongoing.

“The total investment costs will be close to HUF 24 billion. This is not unusual, as anyone who has followed the activities of the Austrian family-owned Prinzhorn Group, present in Hungary since 1990, knows that the Company has already made major investments to develop its Hungarian locations, which are also significant at regional level. Our new factory fits perfectly into a series of development projects based on the circular economy model, sustainability and high quality through cutting-edge technology” highlighted Anastassios Panayotopoulos, Cluster Managing Director of Dunapack Ltd.


Made almost exclusively from recycled paper

As part of the Prinzhorn Group, Dunapack Ltd. manufactures packaging solutions using corrugated board made of 90% recycled paper. The two other Hungarian divisions of the Prinzhorn Group work closely with Dunapack Packaging to implement a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable industrial-business model that is unique in Hungary:

  1. As the first link in this circular economy model, Hamburger Recycling Hungary Ltd. collects and sorts paper and other secondary raw materials that can be recycled and used as raw materials in various industries
  2. Hamburger Hungária Ltd. then manufactures high quality containerboard base paper from the collected recyclable paper at its site in Dunaújváros.
  3. Finally, this recycled base paper material is sent to Dunapack Packaging, where it is used to produce high quality and customised corrugated packaging solutions.


The Dunapack paper raw material supply is ensured

Since Hamburger Hungária Ltd. provides the vast majority of the required base paper for Dunapack Ltd. – complemented by the company's diversified sourcing processes – the Company does not face any shortage of raw materials and is confident that this will not change in the future. The new plant in Dunavarsány will produce packaging material from three to five-layer corrugated board. The products made here will be able to meet the corrugated packaging needs of almost every industry. “The plant will open new dimensions in the industry. Not only will we be able to manufacture new products faster and in a wider selection, but we will be able to do so using less energy and with optimised consumption of raw materials” said Anastassios Panayotopoulos.


They work with the latest technology

With the greenfield investment, a plant of more than 33,000 square metres is constructed on a site of almost 14 hectares. The factory building has been designed to be expandable to allow for future capacity increases. The capacity of the corrugator is 250 million m2 per year, with a processing capacity of 140 million m2 in the first phase, but this could be increased up to 230 million m2 with future upgrades. As for the technology, a water-based and flexographic colour printing equipment will be used with a favourable environmental classification. Production will be assisted by automated tool and cliché storage and a highly automated internal material handling system.