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Dunapack Hungary supported the Kuckó Volunteer Program with boxes

In the last Advent season, Dunapack Hungary supported the Kucko Volunteer Program organised by the Szintlépés Foundation with boxes. Below you can read the details of the program and attached are photos of how our boxes were used. The organisers of the program were extremely grateful for the help. 
In 2023, the Kuckó Program raised 12 800 000 HUF, from which they were able to make Advent packages for 1 807 children in state care and nearly 1 000 helpers - covering all the children in state care and their helpers in Budapest, Pest and Nógrád counties. Three types of special packages were produced, "going home packages" for those who can go home to their families for the festive period. Unfortunately, the majority of them spend Christmas in children's homes, and they received a large gift pack divided into groups of 8-12, as did the residential homes. The already overburdened system is usually even busier during the winter holidays, when Christmas without family can be a very emotional time for children. So for years, they have been surprising the teachers and childminders, they deserve a lot more appreciation, not only at the end of the year, but also during the rest of the year.