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Hamburger Containerboard Hungary

Classroom Naming

In honour of Dr Zoltán Szikla

Mr Tamás Marczona, Director of the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Technical School in Dunaújváros (Hungary), was pleased to announce the school's triumph in the competition held by the "Foundation for Printed Communication" in honour of Dr Zoltán Szikla, securing a prize of EUR 1,200. The funds were allocated towards the acquisition of an analytical balance and a pH/conductivity meter, enhancing the educational resources for training paper industry technicians. As part of their commitment, they pledged to dedicate a classroom in honour of Dr Zoltán Szikla. 

The ceremonial naming took place on the 7th of May, 2024, presided over by Ildikó Pintér, the widow of Dr Zoltán Szikla. Amidst the distinguished attendees including Professor Csaba Horváth, who generously provided the grant as a private individual, representatives from the school, the foundation, and Hamburger Hungária, witnessed the unveiling of the commemorative plaque within the designated classroom, serving as a pivotal space for practical training in paper industry techniques.

Dr Zoltán Szikla, esteemed for his pivotal roles as the former Deputy General Manager of Dunapack responsable for Paper Production and the former Managing Director of Hamburger Hungária Kft., holds an indelible legacy within the Hungarian paper industry. His profound contributions as a manager, an expert engineer,  and a scientific luminary have significantly shaped the operations of the Hamburger Hungária paper mill in Dunaújváros, providing sustenance and livelihoods to numerous individuals. Professor Csaba Horváth, of Óbuda University, a cherished friend and scientific collaborator of Dr Zoltán Szikla, envisages perpetuating Zoltán's memory beyond mere anniversaries. Thus, he graciously donated to the school and facilitated the naming of a classroom after Dr Zoltán Szikla, ensuring his enduring legacy within Dunaújváros and the realm of paper production. 

The Management of Hamburger Hungária embraces this form of commemoration with profound reverence, pledging to uphold such noble acts of philanthropy, epitomized by their longstanding commitment to the "FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS" support programme.